Need of Evaluation in English Speaking Skill at Quetta Balochistan

Madiha S Zafar, Dr. Naseem Achakzia, Dr. Faria Saeed Khan


The current research article tries to focus on the significance of evaluation in English language speaking used, taught, and particularly practiced in Quetta city, Balochistan, Pakistan. Key concern of English language teaching for instructors has been evaluated for the progress of English Language and during the adaption of their courses content in study to produce matchless environment in EFL classroom. This research task also evaluates the demerits of the traditional means of teaching that totally focus on grammar rule which is not enough for the advancement of speaking skills in our main current.  English is an international language and highly useful for the communication purpose all over the world. In our educational system we only focus on the written part which involves lengthy bored courses and still has no support of evaluation from decades at speaking skills portion. This paper has descriptive approach, consisting of the selected theme from the current study. Evaluations are highly associated with qualitative verdicts that are used to advance learners' acquaintance with learning. A data collected evaluation of the attempted research also gives instructors beneficial evidence about in what manner to progress their teaching approaches.

Key Words: Evaluation, expertise and advancement, evolution of Speaking Skills in Pakistani prospect.

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