Impact of ICT on Academic Achievement of Government Secondary School Students in Quetta City (Chiltan Town)

Natasha Sabir, Dr. Sajida Naureen


The impacts of ICT on academic achievement of students have been topic of great interest during the last two decades. Many researches have been conducted on ICT and on its impact. (Kulik, 1994; Sosin et al, 2004; Fushs & Wossman, 2004; Talley, 2005). The objective of the study was to learn and detect the impact of ICT on academic achievement of Government School Students. For this purpose 10 Government Secondary Schools, 116 participants, (teachers) & results of 100 students of the same schools were randomly selected. In order to collect the data questionnaire was developed, data was statically analyzed with correlation coefficient. The research finding brought out that ICT has significant impact on academic achievement of the students. The research outcomes and there inference have been discussed, with recommendations for future research have been provided.

Key Words: ICT (Information & Communication Technology), student, academic achievement

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