Review article on Poisonous Plants of Balochistan

Hameed Baloch, Imtiaz Ahmed, Hanif-ur-Rehman, Iftekhar Ahmed Baloch, Saeed Ahmed


Poisonous plants growing in the different areas of Balochistan province were studied for their indigenous usage and biochemical characteristics. A total of 23 plant species belonging to 12 different families were considered poisonous based on their toxic activities against livestock and human beings. These include one (1) tree, three (3) shrubs, eighteen (18) perennial herbs and one (1) annual herb. Most of them are found in southern regions of Balochistan province. Despite harmful effects on human health, these plants are also considered as medicinally important and normally used in folk medicine. It is mostly because these poisonous plants in general are not harmful to human health but cause toxicity when consumed in large quantities. However, some of these dangerous poisonous plants may also cause serious negative impacts on human health.

Key words: Balochistan, Folk medicine, Poisonous plants.

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