A comparison of the School Education System of District Kech in Balochistan with the School Education system of the London Borough of Bromley

Saeeda Sultana


This paper focuses on the school education system of District Kech and compares and contrasts it with that of the London Borough of Bromley. The analysis performed in this study covers all aspects of school education, including a number of schools, student enrollments, teacher numbers and criteria for selections, funding, facilities and regulatory mechanism of schools. Balochistan is the largest Province, according to land area and is ranked at the lowest level of education as compared to other provinces of the Country. Bromley is one of the Southern Boroughs or District of Greater London in the UK, and is one of the affluent Boroughs. The objective of the paper is to find similarities and dissimilarities in these two areas which are apparently very different socially, economically and geographically. The analysis suggests that like there are marked contrast in the education system of both district Kech and London Borough of Bromley.

Key words: Schooling, analysis, inter, district, structured nepotism, corruption

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