The Historical Political Relations Between Balochistan and Afghanistan

JeeyandKashif Sajidi Zakir Hussain


This article discusses the historical relations between Balochistan and Afghanistan. Guided by two research questions, whether Balochistan was a vassal state of Afghanistan and whether the historical claim of Afghanistan on Balochistan is justified or not? This article by using secondary sources followed by analytical discussion finds that Balochistan nominally remained a part of Afghanistan for a short period of time (1747-1758) and it enjoyed a sovereign status vis-a-vis Afghanistan and historical claim of Afghanistan on Balochistan is unjustified as history bears testimony to the fact that maps are drawn and redrawn.

Keywords:  Afghanistan, Balochistan, Politics, Durrani Empire, Khanate of Kalat, Treaty of Kalat, Ahmed Shah Abdali, Mir Naseer Khan Noori

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