Road to Lead Baloch to Get Rid of Becoming a Capitalistic Intelligentsia: Study of Traditionalism in the Context of No Recurrence of Past

Muhammad Amin


Baloch’s life form gets diversion from tradition to a so-called universal order i.e. liberal capitalistic order. As a consequence Baloch, as a nation, is entertaining the meaning of traditionalism to fundamentalism. Thus Baloch is facing the problem of identity rather the problem of survival, but non-aliened nation does not fall into the problem of identity rather it faces to accommodate survival. Baloch’s survival relies on traditionalism. But it is not that Baloch moves to re-store or vivificate past, and abandonment of contemporary form of life. And contemptuousness is necessarily tied with Capitalistic Order. In this article I propose a solution in order to maintain Baloch as Baloch in its paradigm. In this paper the intelligentsia carries the meaning of individual freedom which gets a value that is not essentially element of his class. I consider the intelligentsia as an (as Marx considers) alienated individual.

Key Words: The Baloch, Capitalistic Intelligentsia, Traditionalism

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